Monday, February 23, 2015

After 1 year and a half

After 1 year and half I was hiatus from my blog. Well, guess what? I'm done with school!
Just graduated 2 months ago. Now, I'm working with one of the organization (bumiputra) in supplies and services for lab equipment. Honestly, I am so happy with my life now :)

Actually, I don't really have any idea to write, but I just want to write.

How about starting with my family?

Ayah just recovered from a heart attack few months ago. Well, we did worried about it. So, now we are taking more precautions in what he eats and drinks. 

Ibu, still the awesome woman I've known. Still gorgeous in 50+ years. 

Along, just got married few days ago! I am so happy for her. The reason why I've planned the wedding for her :)

Abang, pursuing his studies in mechanical engineering course. 

Adik, he lost some weights. haha

and Richie, he is getting bigger and bigger. This year is our 8 years with him. Alhamdulillah.

With him? Until today the relationship is still counting. 5 years 3 months and still counting.

Guess, there are so many things I need to be thankful to Allah for giving so much rezeki for me, my family in the past few years. till then, I'll be continue writing this soon.

Wasalam, Dede :)